Advanced control systems, elegant and professional finishing

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A different company, a different service

Temperature-Control is different from other enterprises of this sector, due to our unique and particular service. We do not commercialize temperature controllers in which complex configurations or electric connections have to be made. Every single commercialized model is completely finished, assembled in simple boxes and with their corresponding on/off button. All of our systems have self-learning functions and always have simpler instructions than usual, since we deliver our products with an extension of the manual provided by the producer. Our aim is to give you control, whatever your needs are and even though you might not have a profound knowledge on the matter.

That is our philosophy “SIMPLY HEATING”

We try to make things easier by listing the prices of our finished control units but you can also modify the configuration of the standard models with only two clicks. We have developed a user friendly web interface which we hope enables us to suit your every need… and do not forget: if you don’t find what you need listed in our website you can always contact us and we will give you an adjusted budget as soon as possible.

Integral solutions

Our experience in this sector has helped us realize that most of our clients need more than simple control units. As an answer to those needs our enterprise offers an integral solution in all types of heating applications with the purpose of bringing the highest satisfaction level to our customers.

Software service

Some of the most common needs are acquisition and registration of data, its real-time representation or interactive remote control of the unit. Our software applications are supported on all top operative systems, are extremely reliable and designed to minimize resources consumption. You won’t be able to find nothing like these applications in the market since most of the control units need an expert software programming.

We offer versatile applications of simple and intuitive use, but we can also design and develop anything you need. We are one of the few enterprises which are able to provide you with an absolute interaction even from your mobile.

Personal advice, engineering and custom design

Some of our clients frequently find the choice of suitable heating elements for their desired working conditions quite problematic. It is often a tedious and complex task and it requires a custom design. Our engineer’s team is at your service to design and build any heating/refrigeration unit, oven or device. Systems miniaturization and extreme conditions (temperature, pressure and ionizing radiation) are our specialities. We have simulation tools which help us to predict the behaviour of the designed system before producing it and to ensure its full functionality.

This remarkable service is available to all of our clients, although it is specially aimed to fulfil the requirements of highly demanding sectors like the scientific or the technologic one. Remember we can warm up or cool down any system under any conditions. Contact us if you want to know more details…

Solutions for multiple sectors

Our solutions include technical aid, development of control equipments and temperature acquirement for R&D environments. We are more than capable to design and build heating and refrigeration systems, not available on the market, to cover very specific needs. Temperature-Control has found plenty of solutions in material production processes in which accurate temperature control is essential.

Industrial SMEs, universities, investigation centres and large scientific facilities are our usual clients who frequently ask us to produce innovative devices.

Professional standards

We only work with the best brands. Our temperature controllers include plug&play technology based on the most advanced control units from the best companies of the sector. You can find leading brands as Eurotherm, Omron and CAL Control in our configurator.

However, we also work with other outstanding brands such as Gefran and Jumo. Let us know the brand and the model you want and we will make a customized assembly for you.

Advanced control systems, elegant and professional finishing

Our systems and the ones we develop under demand for our clients not only provide solutions but also combine ease of use and high performance.

Furthermore, Temperature-Control systems present an elegant design with a professional high quality finish.